User Guide: Staking through MetaMask Institutional

Full Ethereum node staking is now live in MetaMask Institutional's Portfolio Dashboard. In this article, we will walk you through how it works, and how to make your ether secure the network while offering you benefits as well.



The Staking feature is easily accessible through the task bar at the top of the Portfolio Dashboard: 

MMI staking menu bar


The various providers available through the service are listed, along with information that may help you decide which provider you'd like to use. The providers that are currently available are Allnodes, Blockdaemon, Kiln, and our very own Consensys Staking

MMI staking partners

If you're not familiar with some of the data points shown, hover over the little circle with an 'i' in it for more information:

MMI staking field info


Staking ETH

When you're ready to stake, the process is fairly straightforward; keep in mind the following details:

  • These service providers are offering full node staking only; in other words, you will have to stake multiples of 32 ETH
    • If you're looking to stake less than 32 ETH at a time, check out the liquid staking options available via MetaMask Portfolio.
  • While you're interacting with the Portfolio Dashboard, you'll need to have the multiples of 32 ETH available in the MetaMask Institutional Extension, as well as any permissions necessary with your custodian; make sure you have the account imported, too!

Then, smash that 'Stake' button:

MMI staking button


The first view you see will be a high-level form, taking information about the ETH you wish to stake:

MMI staking amount options


When you select the account you wish to use, you'll have to connect it in the MMI Extension:

MMI connect extension


Once you've selected the correct account, hit 'connect':

MMI connect extension


You've now given the Dashboard permission to use the ETH in that account.

Click the Terms and Conditions box--available here if you need to consult them--and then click on 'Confirm stake' to continue:

MMI staking terms and conditions


This screen will be next--calling your attention to the fact that you'll need to approve this transaction, both in your wallet, and with any custodian or hardware wallet flow you have integrated.

MMI staking waiting for approval


Once you've executed that transaction, you should be greeted with a sign of your success:

MMI staking approval

Congratulations, and thank you: you've just made the Ethereum network that much more secure.


Monitoring and Performance

Once you've staked ETH, head back over to the 'Portfolio' tab of the Dashboard to consult details of the amount, fees, and performance of the stake:

MMI staking analytics performance





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