User Guide: Swaps in MetaMask Institutional

The MetaMask Swaps product that the ecosystem has come to rely on for its prices and liquidity analysis is available right from MMI's dashboard. Clicking on the Swaps tab will bring up a modal for you to choose the network and account for your swap:


Once you've done that, click the blue 'Open Swaps' button, and the Swaps feature will open in a new tab (and if you haven't logged into MMI's extension in a while, you'll be prompted to enter your password--this helps keep you and your accounts' secrets safe):



From here, it's a fairly straightforward process; you choose the token you hold, and the token you'd like to acquire in exchange for it. 

Pro Tip: Don't see the token you're looking for? Check these parameters:

  • Are you on the network you intended to be on?
  • Is the token you want available on that network?
  • Is that the network on which you want to use the token?

If you still don't see the token, you may need to go to a third-party DEX or CEX to acquire it. Before you do, though, consider verifying the technical details of the token, specifically the smart contract that issues it, so that when it comes time to actually swap for them, you can be sure you're getting the right one.



For more details on how to use MetaMask Swaps, check out our definitive User Guide over on the MetaMask Knowledge Base. 

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