The Dashboard features a robust Transactions viewer. Both MetaMask and MMI are designed to maximize user security and privacy, and for this reason don't import historical transaction data into the application. The Transactions view has been designed to provide you with a detailled, contextual breakdown of the transaction history of the addresses under your management, still in a privacy-preserving way: if for some reason you needed to, you could revoke access permissions to the Dashboard dapp.

Additionally, the Transactions view offers a familiar historical format with the opportunity to 'click into' more detail--without the somewhat overwhelming technical UI of most block explorers.  

MMI transactions

While the product is fairly intuitive, there are some features, and some security concerns, worth pointing out:

  • The handy copy buttons--two overlapping rectangles copy icon --allow you to copy the sending or receiving address, as well as the transaction hash itself.
  • Adjacent to the copy buttons, the 'link out' buttons--a box with an arrow pointing to the upper right link icon --will take you to the listing page for the corresponding address on Etherscan.
  • Keep a close eye on the text in the 'Incoming' column; in the screenshot above, you can see one entry that lists "+0.1940 ETH"; however, the other two entries with text feature messages from the sender encouraging you to visit a third-party URL to claim some sort of reward; these are highly likely to be scams of one sort or another, and under no circumstances are to be blindly trusted.
    • For more tips on this and other sorts of scams in crypto and web3, start here.
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