Adding and inviting users to your organisation (account administrator only)

If you're a MetaMask Institutional account administrator for your organisation, you'll be able to add other users to the organisation through the Dashboard Login Tool.

Once you've gone through the rest of the organisation setup steps, you'll be able to add team members on a screen that looks like this:

MetaMask Institutional invite team members


Roles in MetaMask Institutional

Keep in mind that if you grant a user administrator access, they'll have certain privileges. Consider which roles are appropriate for which members of your team:

MetaMask Institutional invite team members


Access to accounts

Once a user has been invited and set up their account, either as an admin or a normal user, they'll be able to download, configure, and use the MMI Extension. Another thing entirely is having access to the accounts they wish to manage; for this they'll need access to key custodians, Secret Recovery Phrases, Hardware Wallets--whatever the combination of technologies and services that your team uses to secure assets.


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