Configuring usage modes (custodians, self-custody, hardware wallets, etc.)

Part of the setup flow for MMI is determining what combination of technologies you're using to secure your assets.

While you're stepping through MMI's Dashboard Login Tool, you'll be presented with the following screen: 



These three options lead to three different experiences:


Custodial and Self-Custodial Solutions

You'll be presented with a list of currently available custodians (in alphabetical order). You will be able to, from that point, link accounts that you have available in those custodians' platforms to MMI.



Hardware Wallet

If your team is using a hardware wallet, you'll be presented with the familiar HWW selection screen that you may know from conventional MetaMask:



For more information on setting up a hardware wallet, see our guide here. For general information on hardware wallets, see here


Externally-Owned Accounts (Self-Custody)

These are "your keys, your crypto"; if your team or organisation is using this option, consider the security of your Secret Recovery Phrases, passwords, and private keys, and what sorts of contingencies you should plan for. 


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