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  1.  I’ve just been notified about the new login process. What happens next?

Follow the link below to our onboarding landing page. From there you can sign up by providing your email and password and starting our onboarding process.


  1. Who can sign up for MMI?

To sign up, we require an administrator user to go through our onboarding process. An administrator can then invite other users to the organization. If you are an existing user of MMI, you will have a Primary Point of Contact for your organization. We require the primary point of contact to onboard with us. If you are not an existing user of MMI, please contact our sales team: MMI_Sales@consensys.net

  1. I am an existing user of MMI. What information do I need to provide?

We want to ensure we provide an exceptional user experience. Hence, if you are an existing point of contact user, you will be within our system already. Hence, when you onboard to MMI you only need to review our charging structure and choose your preferred payment method.

  1. I have already gone through on-boarding with MMI. Why do I have to onboard again? 

With our new automated billing system, we require you to choose your preferred payment method. Hence, we require you to step through our onboarding screens.

  1. Are you changing your fee structure?

No, our fee structure remains the same. We are only making two changes to the terms of our billing. Firstly, we are moving to monthly invoicing to better align with the accounting and reporting cycles of our users, Secondly, we are implementing pro-rata fees for the first month’s fees.

  1. How will you take payment?

With our automated onboarding we are implementing bank payments (ACH in the US and Canande and SEPA in Europe) along with card payments.

  1. What are SEPA bank payments and what am I required to do?


SEPA (or the Single Euro Payments Area) is the new format for cross-border euro (EUR) bank transfers. When setting up a SEPA Payment you will be shown a modal window to confirm and approve the created direct debit.

MMI billing SEPA


  1. What are ACH Payments and what am I required to do?

An ACH payment is a type of electronic bank-to-bank payment in the US. It’s made via the ACH network, rather than going through the card networks such as Visa or Mastercard. An ACH payment is also referred to as an ACH transfer or ACH transaction. 

MMI billing ACH


When selecting ACH as a payment method you will receive a verification email as per the below. This email will inform you of the required steps. A verification of your provided bank details will be needed. 

MMI ConsenSys account verification email


Two small deposits will be added to your account within 2 business days. Once these deposits have been made, please return to this email and click on the link provided. The url will re-direct you to a Consensys page where you can confirm the two amounts that were deposited into your account.

MMI ConsenSys verify bank account

  1. Do you take crypto payments?

We currently do not take crypto payments, but will be rolling out support for crypto payments shortly. 

  1. How many different roles are available, and what can they do?

We will start by rolling out admin and regular user roles. Admin users manage payments and can invite and delete users. Regular users will be invited to the dashboard. Admin users can create settings that apply at an organisation-level. For example, how accounts are grouped at an organisation level.

  1. Will the role settings impact performing any activities natively on the MMI platform? E.g. swapping, staking, or exporting historic transactions 

The role settings currently do not impact access levels or activities within MMI. We will roll out more roles and permissions over time.

  1. How many admin roles can 1 account have? What if I’d like to have multiple admins as there are a few key decision makers within the organization. How will this work? And will they have rights to override each other?

You can have multiple admins in an organisation. All admins will have the same access and abilities.

  1. Will the role setting in MMI impact my current governance settings with my custodian partner(s)? 

Our current role settings do not impact any policy or governance settings at your custodian.

  1. Where will my credential info be stored? 

We rely on Auth0 for login and sign up. This means we do not store any of your login credentials. All data held by Auth0 is also encrypted at rest.

  1. I don't use the Portfolio Dashboard much/at all. What will happen if I don't create a login credential? Will it impact trade execution using the MMI browser extension?

You will still be able to use the MMI browser extension unencumbered. As we are deprecating support for our old invoicing processes, we will require all sign-up organisations to migrate to our new automated billing system. Hence, we will require our users to step through the new onboarding process in due course.

  1. What do I do when I see an error message when onboarding?

If you are seeing an error message during onboarding it is either one of the following reasons. 

1. You are signing up but you are not the primary point of contact in your organisation 

2. You are a new user and are not in our system

For the former, please contact the administrator in your organisation to be invited to your organisation. If you are the administrator, please contact our customer support team.
If you are a new user within MMI, please contact your sales team: MMI_Sales@consensys.net

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