Passwords and Logins in MMI

If you need to reset your Dashboard password, contact support; otherwise, read on. 

The Extension login and password

The MetaMask Institutional browser extension is the tool that allows you to manage accounts in Web3. It is the interface through which you interact with Decentralized Finance, send transactions on the blockchain, buy and sell NFTs and so much more. It will pop up in the upper-right hand corner of your browser:

MMI Extension


MMI is a modified version of the MetaMask extension. The original is designed such that the user has absolute and total control over any and all assets in the accounts that are imported into MetaMask. MMI, on the other hand, has been designed for people who are managing digital assets on behalf of others, and therefore allows for more nuanced models of control and ownership.

This matters when it comes to managing and understanding the various passwords, keys, and codes present in the MMI experience. The first one to understand is the Extension's password, because in a way it's the simplest: 

The password you set for MetaMask extension exists only locally, and its purpose is to encrypt all the data that MetaMask Institutional uses and generates regarding actions in the accounts you manage with it. This includes any Secret Recovery Phrase or private keys that you may import into it. This is why you may notice that you're "unlocking" the extension, not "logging in"; there is no username, there is no identity inherently tied to the cryptographic keys.

There are several points regarding this password that are very important to understand:

  • If you install MetaMask Institutional on multiple computers, you will have to set a password for each instance of the extension you install. The app doesn't 'sync' your password across installs; this is to keep you and the assets you're managing safe.
  • Because MMI doesn't back up this password, you and you alone are responsible for knowing what it is. We can't get it back for you.
  • For this reason, it is doubly important that you have secure, responsible management of all Secret Recovery Phrases and private keys that correspond to accounts under your management. It bears repeating:

MetaMask Institutional cannot recover Secret Recovery Phrases, private keys, or Extension passwords for you if you lose them. 

If you do find yourself in this situation, please reach out to Support, and consult MetaMask's resources on this topic


The Portfolio Dashboard login and password

Having trouble logging in?

If you've forgotten your password, try the automated reset flow first:

MMI login forgot password

If you can't log in using a password reset, reach out to Support here


So how is the Dashboard different from the Extension?

MetaMask Institutional's powerful Portfolio Dashboard is another part of the MMI experience. On a technical level, it is more similar to the traditional website infrastructure we're all used to: you have a login and a password, and may need to authenticate through another service, depending on your setup. 

You create your username and password early on in the Dashboard registration process, as explained here

The Dashboard allows you to manage members of your team, your billing and company information, and more--in a way, it's the part that manages all the "traditional business" aspects, whereas the Extension manages the "crypto-native" permissions and actions. Basically, the Dashboard is the part that ties identity--your identity as a company, a team, an individual--to the accounts being managed in the Extension.



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