How do I manage my team in MMI?

This article will walk you through how to add, remove, or modify information about your team--at the level of billing and company information, as well as the level of team structure and access privileges. 


Information in the MMI Dashboard

Company and Billing Information

If you haven't set up your organization yet through the Login feature, follow these instructions to get your organization initialized and set up. This is where you can enter your billing information, as well as any information such as the company address, that MMI should have on file.

Team Structure and Roles

MMI's Login flow does allow you to configure your team, and assign Administrator roles to those who need them. The ability to modify those settings once made--such as adding a new team member, removing one, or modifying their privileges--is currently limited. If you need to take one of those actions, try the method below, or reach out to Support


Information in your custodian's User Interface

Many of the custodians with which MMI partners also offer users the ability to configure teams, users, and privileges. By way of example, Qredo allows for the creation of organizations, and has a number of roles with fine-grained permissions available for you to configure.


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