Individual asset holding view

If you're into trading, this feature of the Portfolio Dashboard will come in handy for tracking your tokens’ price volatility and valuation. 

How to access

  1. Open your Portfolio Holdings view. If you're unsure how to get here, check out our articles Portfolio View and Using the MMI Portfolio Dashboard.
  2. Once you're in the Holdings view, scroll down to your Assets:

    For a customized view of your assets, use the Account(s) and All Networks selectors on the upper right.

  3. Click on any of your tokens to access the individual asset holding view:


The individual asset holding view includes the selected token market price, balance, total market value (likely a much higher balance than the one shown in our test wallet), and the percentage of your portfolio this token represents.

One of the great features of this view are the customizable charts that show the price variation over time of the selected asset.


You can choose any of the options by selecting the appropriate buttons from the upper-right side of the charts:
  • Time frame: 1 day (1D), 1 week (1W), 1 month (1M) or 1 year (1Y).
  • Chart type: line chart or OHLC chart (a type of bar chart that shows open, high, low, and closing prices for each period)


Scroll down to see the distribution of the asset in your accounts and the token’s transaction history:

Notice the 'link out' buttons — a box with an arrow pointing to the upper right mceclip7.png — This will take you to the listing page for the corresponding address or transaction on Etherscan (or the blockchain explorer of your selected asset).

Once you're done and you want to exit this view, click on the back arrow from the upper left side of the page and return to your Assets.

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