Getting started with MMI: Wallet setup

If you're working with MetaMask Institutional, you probably already have some experience with Web3's friendly fox. That said, there are some differences between the orange and blue versions, so let's make sure you don't miss anything.

Once you have been given access to download MMI, the Google Chrome Store experience is exactly the same as with Production MetaMask: click 'Add to Chrome', and confirm the popup message. Then, you'll be able to open MMI by clicking the puzzle piece in the upper right-hand corner and choosing the MMI fox.

MetaMask Institutional find extension

Before working with MMI, make sure that any other MetaMask extensions you have installed are disabled; otherwise, confirmations and transactions might not go to the correct wallet, and some functionality simply won't work.


Next, MMI should open in a new tab, and prompt you to 'Get Started'.

MetaMask Institutional wallet setup


If you've got a Secret Recovery Phrase, go ahead and load your wallet up with it. Otherwise, click 'let's get set up', and follow the prompts.

MetaMask Institutional wallet setup


Make sure you keep your password and  Secret Recovery Phrase in a secure way, and ensure that no one has access to it that shouldn't.

You should have arrived at the MMI wallet view:

MetaMask Institutional wallet setup


Good job! You've set up your MMI wallet. 

Next Steps

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