Importing wallets and accounts to MMI

One of the big differences between MMI and conventional MetaMask is how you get accounts into the program in the first place.

With MetaMask, the user holds the keys, and therefore is free to import a Secret Recovery Phrase and its associated accounts directly. With MMI, on the other hand, the keys are managed through a third party, and therefore the accounts need to be managed and imported to MMI through that third party in order to access them and use them in MMI.


The specific process will differ from custodian to custodian, but broadly speaking, you will need to do the following:


  • Log in to your custodial platform

  • From within your custodian's platform and click through the wallet setup prompts ('Connect to MMI', 'Connect Wallet', etc)

  • Import the corresponding specific accounts or wallets that you need to manage in MMI


Managing Multiple MetaMasks

At this point, make sure that MMI is properly installed as an extension, and that you don't have another 'flavor' of MetaMask (MM Flask, Production MM) enabled at the same time. If you are juggling multiple wallets, even multiple instances of MMI, on the same machine, we highly recommend you read our article on how to do it.


Individual Steps

  • There will be a series of popups within the MMI interface that will, first of all, allow MMI to access the accounts in your custodial interface:



  • Secondly, you will be able to select the specific accounts that are available to you in that custodial interface and import them, as you wish, to MMI:




  • Once you have a confirmation from MMI that the accounts have been successfully added, you should be able to see, and interact with, the newly added accounts in MMI--so you're all set to perform your first MMI transaction.




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